Who is My Mother?

Back in 2017, we offered a weekend retreat for those on the mothering journey. It was a time for women to gather, create community, rest, listen, vent, pray, learn, encourage one another and live into their calling as mothers. In our initial planning, the search for a spot to gather led us to Trinity Center and the beachfront Pelican House – a quiet, secluded space that is designated for contemplative gatherings. It turned out to be the perfect place for us to host this retreat. The North Carolina coast is quite beautiful in the winter. And the meals at Trinity Center are amazingly healthy and delicious!

The weekend together was healing and nourishing. Many of the participants encouraged us to offer it again. So we did. And now, the Mothering Retreat has become an annual offering for Inner Ground. We’re hosting our 3rd Mothering Retreat in 2020. We’re back at Pelican House for the weekend of February 21-23. We’ll gather around the question, “who is my mother?” Mothering happens in obvious and subtle ways. As we journey through life, we encounter spiritual mothers who nurture and encourage us. Their gifts enable us to become a deeper version of ourselves. Who has helped birth you into new life? We’ll engage with that question through scripture, story, song, art, prayer, silence, and small group discussion. And we’ll celebrate and remember these faithful, courageous and audacious women who gave, and continue to give, us life. Our time together is rooted in contemplative practices and one of the ways that we nourish that is by keeping silence together in the house, except when we are sharing meals or in group sessions. It’s a rare gift that we give one another – the space to be quiet.

We are thrilled to have as our retreat leader this year, Rebecca Husband Maynard. Rebecca is an ordained minister in the Baptist tradition who, after many fruitful years as an associate pastor, left to begin a ministry that focuses on providing spiritual formation opportunities. Through Stacking Stones Ministry, she offers retreats, spiritual formation events, Labyrinth events, and spiritual direction for individuals and groups.

  • “The Mothering Retreat was an absolute gift from God. I was blessed to be a part of a wonderful circle of women during a period in my life when I was practicing deep self-care, on a journey back to my artistic roots and sending a whole lot out to the Universe. The Universe showed up BIG time in the form of the mothering retreat!” – Robin
  • “The retreat was so rewarding. Through sharing and art, I bonded with other women at different stages of the mothering experience. I have attended both of the previous Mothering Retreats and look forward to what God has in store for me at the 2020 retreat.” -Roberta

The retreat is open to all women whether or not you have birthed or nurtured children in your home. We believe that we are all called to the sacred work of mothering and birthing life. We also know that retreats are often reserved for those who are more privileged. So, it’s our practice to offer a full scholarship (or 2 partial scholarships) to someone without the resources to attend. We have room for 10 women to join us in February. If this speaks to you, we’d love to have you in the circle with us! Come with a friend. Come by yourself. Join us at the beach and give yourself a weekend of soul-care.

If you know of folks that might be interested in this retreat, please share this information with them. If you’d like to support our scholarship fund to cover the cost of the retreat for one individual, we welcome your donations. You can find all the details and registration link at our website: http://www.innerground.org

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