The Magic of Beginnings

And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
– Meister Eckhart

The magic of beginnings. I love the way that phrase tugs at me to jump in with joyful abandonment; like free-falling into a warm pool of clear turquoise water. Making resolutions for the new year isn’t really my thing. I do however love the endless possibilities that begin to shimmer when I thumb through the blank pages of my new 2018 planner. I can feel my creative juices pumping. There’s something alluring about the invitation to start again. Like the new day, the new year invites us to shed the old and begin fresh.

Rather than resolutions, the spiritual journey asks us to consider our intention – what is my intention for the coming year? Like a guiding star, intention helps to chart our path. For me, it’s that sense of joyful abandonment that I’m after as I consider my intention for 2018.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in an online retreat that Christine Valters Paintner (Abbey of the Arts) offered for letting a word for 2018 choose you. As she said, “a word to savor, chew on, ponder, and challenge you!” This idea intrigued me. Christine’s guidance fostered a space where I could give myself over to listening for that tug deep within me; a quiet longing. I can’t offer much reflection on the word that bubbled up for me, and honestly that’s part of the “magic” of it all. I like the mystery of what it holds and the invitation to trust that it has something to offer me – to satisfy that quiet longing. It’s part of the lesson I’m continuing to learn, that the spiritual journey is more about giving ourselves over to the mystery rather than having it all figured out in our heads.

On the final day of the retreat, Christine invited us to write a poem about our word for 2018. I don’t claim to be a poet, but the process did help me immerse myself in the rich possibilities that “bare/bear” hold for me as I begin the journey through a new year.

Barren beauty
firmly rooted
your true essence
to behold
in your winter dress.

the cold
the wind
the storms
with inner strength.

All the frivolous
gone at last
let go.

Spaciousness reveals
a gift
in the stripped-down
bare wonder
where tiny buds
are warming themselves
in the Light.

May the magic of beginnings that the new year offers breathe life into your journey and mine. Happy New Year!

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