The Abundance Project

This journey with Inner Ground has gifted me with amazing traveling companions. Rachel Hutto and I met late last year when we both participated in a dinner and dialogue gathering around J. Phillip Newell’s book, The Rebirthing of God (great book, by the way!). Rachel is a professional counselor here in Greensboro who specializes in Somatic Psychotherapy – an approach that taps into the body’s capacity for healing. She has recently launched Be Still Counseling. Her vision for Be Still involves creative ways to collaborate with others to nurture healing in our community. The Abundance Project is one example of how she is scattering her good work far and wide. Over a lovely cup of tea at Vida Pour Tea this past April, she excitedly shared her dream of the Abundance Project with me and said that Inner Ground would be the first partnering nonprofit.

It works like this: she invites her clients to participate in the Abundance Project by paying for their sessions with cash or check. When they do, she doesn’t have to pay a credit card processing fee. She then takes the money saved and redistributes it to the partnering nonprofit. As Rachel says on her website,

I believe in ABUNDANCE. There is enough to go around and plenty to share. Honoring what is being poured into Be Still, Be Still is pouring into the community through The Abundance Project.

Don’t you love that? And she has even more ideas on how to expand The Abundance Project. While Inner Ground is benefitting financially from this partnership, more importantly, we are being challenged to explore ways that our work too, can flow from a place of abundance.

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