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UPCOMING RETREAT: Finding and Nurturing the Mother Within


If you would like to work with Inner Ground to lead your next retreat see the list below of topics that we already offer. We are also excited to work with you to customize an experience that will meet your needs.

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Finding the Holy in the Ordinary

With the right eyes, all of life is holy. This retreat explores how we can see our lives, relationships, and experiences as inherently sacred. Practices for waking up to the reality of the divine that is within and around us include: body prayer, guided meditation, soulful rest, sacred stories, and more!

The Divine Feminine

This retreat uses lectio, visio, and audio divina with the stories of Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen, biblical images of God as feminine, and writings from Sue Monk Kidd to explore what it means to be a women created in the image of God.

A Vivid Palette for Prayer

All of life can be viewed as prayer. Learn to think more broadly about what prayer can be. Reflect on what you can do to nourish your spirit, and learn to approach these things as prayer. Practice praying in color, walking meditation, drumming, and storytelling. Learn about the tree of contemplative practices.


Advent is a season of preparation and reflection. Open yourself to the ways that the spirit of Christ is born anew into your life. Explore what you are being called to birth into this world. Let go, listen deeply, make room for new birth.


Use expressive arts to prepare for the season of letting go and renewal. Create weekly intentions that will open up space to let go of things that no longer serve us (including spiritual practices!) to embrace newness that will nourish us and call us into a deeper journey.

Stages of Mothering

Motherhood is full of transitions. It requires moving from active parenting to letting go. Explore how to gracefully evolve as a mother.

Support for Caregivers

Those who care for others must know how to care for themselves. Use guided meditation and expressive arts to explore self-compassion and self-care so that your reservoir is deep and full so that you can care for others.