Mothering Retreat

This week, my oldest child celebrates her 29th birthday! In some ways it seems like just last month that she was a barefoot toddler. In other ways, I’m keenly aware of the long journey we’ve been on since that early October morning in 1988.

The mothering journey is like a winding mountain stream. It continues to flow and change through the years. Attempting to navigate each stage of the journey in a healthy and life-giving way is challenging.

Next February, Inner Ground is offering a weekend retreat for those on the mothering journey. Marjorie Donnelly will serve as our guide and companion. She invites us to consider the gift of some time away for reflection and renewal. “As a mother, you are used to tending to your children’s ever changing needs. But how do you tend to your own developmental needs during each stage of motherhood? As one season ends, how do you intentionally bless what has been so that you can create space for what is to come? All along the journey, how do you find and nurture the mother inside yourself?”

We’ll enjoy the beautiful Pelican House at Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC – a quiet beachfront home. You can learn more about the retreat here. We’d love for you to join us for a weekend of rest, renewal, growth, and soul-tending.




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