Mothering Retreat: Life-Womb

Last February, Inner Ground offered a weekend retreat for women immersed in the sacred work of mothering. We had such a wonderful, nourishing time together. The response was so positive that we decided to offer another retreat this winter. It won’t look exactly the same as last year – the theme is different, we’ve partnered with different leaders, and we’re extending the invitation to all women this time, whether or not you have birthed and nurtured children in your home. We believe that as women we are all called to the sacred work of birthing and mothering. We are keeping our gathering spot – Pelican House on the beautiful North Carolina coast. We’re also keeping the focus as a contemplative retreat; one woven with storytelling, silence, contemplative practices, rest, and expressive arts.

We hope you’ll explore more about this offering and consider joining us. You will find full information and registration details here.

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