Auctioning a Rainbow

I have a weakness for fabric. I never go into a fabric store and come back out empty-handed. I always find a beautiful batik or unique cotton print that I want to add to my colorful stash of cloth. I have an even harder time throwing away the scraps from sewing projects, no matter how small they are. I know I can always find some use for them. Combing through my bits and pieces of cloth is like hunting for hidden treasures. It also sparks my imagination. My recent creation is a rainbow clergy stole that I designed from the bits and pieces of leftover cloth in my stash. Now I’m hosting an auction for this rainbow stole on eBay. All the money raised will go to support the work and ministry of Inner Ground. 

You can help us by spreading the word about the auction. Share this post with your favorite clergy person and encourage them to join the bidding! Or, join the bidding yourself and surprise your favorite clergy person with a bright and colorful gift. The auction is open until December 20. Visit eBay to see more photos of the stole, to see what the highest bid is so far, and to place your own bid!

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