favicon152The seeds for Inner Ground were planted in 2012, when I began taking classes through the Spirituality Program at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA.. I stumbled upon Columbia’s website one day while searching the web for some opportunities to nourish my spirit; to go deeper in my spiritual journey. While participating in classes, reflecting on reading assignments, and engaging in deep listening, I began to sense a tug towards a community ministry that I struggled to clearly articulate. In the process of nourishing my spirit, I discovered a growing passion within me to share what I was learning with others. I began slowly – a small group offering; later a retreat opportunity and then a dinner & dialogue group. Soon a regular rhythm of ┬áspiritual formation offerings were flowing. And slowly, the seeds for this work continued to grow until I was able to wrap my head and heart around it and name it.

Inner Ground is not a place, but a space. Our mission is to nourish the human heart and spirit through contemplative practices and expressive arts. We desire to create sacred space where folks are encouraged to tend the soil of their lives. We offer a variety of opportunities with the hope that you’ll find something that will offer healing and nourishment for your journey. We’re just getting started. We’re holding it all lightly and trusting that the Spirit will continue to unfold a beautiful path. We invite you to explore our opportunities and come and join us on this journey.

A green shoot growsimg_2563
out of an old tree stump,
announcing to the world
that power lies within death.

All the resurrections
ever birthed in this world
find a sister
in this green shoot growing
from the old wooden stump.

Things in me that have died,
the worn-out and the worthless,
they are waiting to give rise
to some green shoot
of a sister.

They are inviting me
to faith in resurrection
and reverence
for old tree stumps.

Joyce Rupp

Used by permission of the author.
Taken from: Rest Your Dreams on a Little Twig, Joyce Rupp. Sorin Books. All rights reserved.